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Course programme

Fabio Nieder (1957), Der Schuh auf dem Weg zum Saturnio (2010)

Salvatore Sciarrino (1947), Le voci sottovetro, for voice and ensemble (1998-99)

Hans Zender (1936-2019), Cabaret Voltaire, for voice and ensemble (2002)

Toshio Hosokawa (1955), Drawing (2004)

Claudio Ambrosini (1948), De vulgari eloquentia, for ensemble (1984)

Course structure
The course comprises eleven days of lessons and concerts, from September 5th to 15th 2020, structured as follows:
05/09 – six hours dedicated to an analysis of the scores in the programme
06/09-9/09 – six rehearsal hours/day followed by one hour of work review
10/09 – six rehearsal hours followed by the master class held by Claudio Ambrosini
11/09 – six rehearsal hours followed by one hour of work review
12/09 – dress rehearsal and first concert at Moncalvo Theatre
13/09 – concert at Tenuta Santa Caterina in Grazzano Badoglio
14/09 – concert in Asti
15/09 – two concerts at Litta Theatre in Milano.

From September 10th onwards the composer Claudio Ambrosini will attend, as tutor, the reharsals of his composition.
The concerts will be performed within the Rondò 2020 concert season and will be conducted by different students.

Lessons venue: Lessons will take place at the Theatre in Moncalvo (Asti, Italy).

Information on accommodations:

Donatella Campoleoni
ph. +39 392 2880857



1. Musicians of any age and nationality can take part in the course, either as students or as auditors

2. Applications to participate in the selection must be submitted no later than 30th May 2020, fulfilling the form available online at the following link:

Application Form – Conducting Course 2020


In the enrollment form you’ll be asked to attach:
– her/his curriculum vitae
– her/his own repertoire of music of the 1900s to nowadays,
– link to an audio or video registration (if any) of the candidate’s performance of works in line with the repertoire of the course.
Fulfilled the application form you’ll be addressed to the PayPal page to pay the enrollment fee of € 30 (This fee will only be reimbursed in case the course is cancelled.)
Alternatevely, should Pay Pal payment be not possible, you may proceed to bank transfer as follows: IBAN IT26L0306909606100000101448 in the name of Divertimento Ensemble, showing as payment reason Name, Surname, CONDUCTING COURSE 2020.
You’ll then be asked to send copy of the money transfer to

3. Selection for students admission to the course will be done on the basis of the applicant’s CV and of any video recordings attached.
Results will be announced to all applicants by email by June 8th, 2020. A maximum of 10 students will be admitted.

4. Participation fees:
students: € 900 to be paid in a single installment by June 26th, 2020;
auditors: € 200 to be paid in a single installment by August 28th, 2020.

5. Scores: the scores will be sent free of charge to the selected conductors.

6. Concerts: the course will culminate with five concerts, all performed within Rondò concert season and conducted by different students.

7. Upon request, a certificate of participation will be issued to the participants at the end of the course.