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Milano, Teatro Litta


(Ore 17.30, open rehearsal)

Ore 19.30 meeting with the composers
Franck Bedrossian
Gabriele Manca
Oren Boneh, Francesco Ciurlo and Yu Kuwabara, Winners of the composition competition ‘Franco Donatoni’International Meeting for Young Composers
A celebratory toast will precede the concert

Ore 20.30 concert

Three pieces by the winners of the composition competition ‘Franco Donatoni’International Meeting for Young Composers:
Oren Boneh, Lug
Francesco Ciurlo, À Bout de Souffle

Yu Kuwabara, Shadowless
Bertrand Plé So oder so und so weiter for soprano, saxophone and ensemble (2017)
Franck Bedrossian It for ensemble (2004-2007)

Beatrice Binda, soprano
Jacopo Taddei, saxophone
Divertimento Ensemble
Viktoriia Vitrenko, conductor

There are a number of ways in which Divertimento Ensemble seeks out young composers to be presented to the Milanese audience; first and foremost is the “Franco Donatoni’ International Meeting for Young Composers, which celebrates its fifth anniversary this year. This competition allows us to become familiar with around one hundred scores from all over the world every two years, and indicates to us the many directions in which young composers express contemporary thought today. Divertimento Ensemble not only performs the winning pieces of the three composers, but additionally commissions a new piece from each of the three winners to be played in the following year. This allows the audience to become deeply immersed in the musical ideas and expressions of each composer, leaving behind traces of their influence with the ensemble. So oder so und so weiter by the young French composer Bertrand Plé, born in 1986 in Lyon, was commissioned by Divertimento Ensemble, as well as Academy Opus XXI, and the Ulysses network; the ensemble will perform its Italian premier. The program concludes with It, for seven performers by Franck Bedrossian, another French composer, born in Paris in 1971, who has been living in the United States for a number of years.


*Bertrand Plé, So oder so und so weiter for soprano, saxophone and ensemble (2017)
is commissioned by Divertimento Ensemble, Opus XXI and Ulysses Network
The ULYSSES project has been funded with support from the European Commission

Il concerto viene realizzato all’interno del progetto La musica francese in Rondò 2018
con il sostegno di

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Date(s) - 29/03/2018