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This 10-day workshop takes place in Bobbio (Piacenza) during the first half of July. Through a call for scores, 10 young composers under the age of 35 are selected, who are invited to send a score for ensemble that is written for a maximum specified instrumental group. The scores are studied during the workshop and performed in two concerts by the musicians of Divertimento Ensemble. Two well-known composers, acting as tutors, analyze and comment on the scores and hold two masterclasses about their music. The workshop offers much rehearsal time and training to the 10 selected composers: 34 hours of individual lessons from each of the two tutors, 10 hours with the conductor of the ensemble, 3 hours of meetings with each of the musicians, and 40 hours of rehearsal with the ensemble. The project concludes during the next Rondò season with the performance of no more than 3 compositions from the workshop.
Application: November of every year



Pay the participation Fee
Participant: 600 euros (to be paied within January 15th, 2018)


July 6th-15th 2018 – Bobbio (Italy – Piacenza)

Application deadline: November 30th 2017
Download all the information: IWYC2018_Ensemble

Tutors: Mauro Lanza and Francesco Filidei
Ensemble in residence: Divertimento Ensemble
Three musicians chosen from the Ulysses network (international network) will join the Divertimento Ensemble.
Conductor: Sandro Gorli



Elisabeth Angot, Imsu Choi, Beniamino Fiorini, Branch Freeman, Seongmin Ji, Uri Kochavi, Charles Kwong, Jug Markovich, Reagan Martin, Claudio Panariello, Vincent Portes, Lorenzo Troiani.


Applications are open for admission to Divertimento Ensemble’s fourth International Workshop for Young Composers (for ensemble). Up to 12 participants will be selected.

Interested composers, not exceeding the age of 35 (as of July 6th, 2018), should fulfill no later than november 30th, 2017 the form available online at the following link

In the enrollment form you’ll be asked to attach:
– a score (pdf) for a musical ensemble from 3 to 15 performers
– a recording of the submitted score (if available)
– copy of the passport or identity card (pdf)
Fulfilled the application form you’ll be addressed to the PayPal page to pay the enrollment fee of € 30 (This fee will only be reimbursed in case the course is cancelled.)
Alternatevely, should Pay Pal payment be not possible, you may proceed to bank transfer as follows:
IBAN IT70P0335901600100000101448 in the name of Divertimento Ensemble, (Banca Prossima) showing as payment reason First Name, Surname, IWYC – ensemble 2018′. You’ll then be asked to send copy of the money transfer to

A jury composed by the two tutors of the workshop together with two musicians of Divertimento Ensemble and their conductor will select no later than December 12, 2017 the twelve admitted composers.

Admitted composers will be asked to send, no later than May 15th, 2018 the score and the instrumental parts of the piece with which they will participate in the workshop.
The instrumental ensemble, of minimux six performers, will be included among the following instruments: flute (also piccolo, alto flute and bass flute), oboe (also English horn), clarinet (also also E flat and bass clarinet), two violins,viola, cello, piano and percussions (percussions instruments must be previously agreed).
The piece, whose duration must not exceed 7 minutes, can be a new composition written specifically for the workshop, or an existing composition (including the one that has been submitted if in line with the instrumental ensemble).

During the ten days of the workshop, participants will have individual lessons with the two tutors and with the conductor of the ensemble to discuss their scores or other pieces, as well as working sessions with the performers of the ensemble; they shall listen to the rehearsals of their own work and of all the programmed pieces. They will participate in the scheduled masterclasses.

All the compositions will be performed in two public concerts in Bobbio on July 14 and 15, 2018. Up to a maximum of three compositions will further be selected after the performances in Bobbio to be included in the Rondò 2019 concert season (Milan, January-June 2019).

It is possible to take part in the workshop in the workshop as observers.

The workshop overall schedule foresees the following time/activities to be divided among all the participants (in part at different hours and in part overlappying):
– 36 hours of rehearsal with the ensemble (to be divided among all the scores)
– 30 hours of individual lessons with each of the two tutors (to be divided among all the participants)
– 6 hours of individual meetings with the conductor of the ensemble (to be divided among all the participants)
– 4 hours of individual meetings with the musicians
– 2 hours of masterclasses by each of the two tutors
– 3 hours of masterclasses by Daniele Ghisi*

Participation Fee
Participant: 600 euros (to be paied within January 15th, 2018)
Observer: 200 euros

One hostel and various structures offer accomodations at favourable prices.

Friday 6th
15,00-19,00 – welcome meeting with the two tutors and the conductor of the ensemble
Saturday 7th
09,30-11,30 – individual meetings with musicians and conductor
11,30-13,30/15,00-18,00 – first rehearsal: 6 compositions
10,30-13,30/15,00-18,00 – individual lessons with the tutors (6 hours each)
18,30 – opening concert
Sunday 8th
09,00-10,00 – individual meetings with musicians and conductor
10,00-13,00/15,00-18,00 -first rehearsal: 6 remaining compositions (1 hour each)
10,00-13,00/15,00-18,00 -individual lessons with the tutors (6 hours each)
Monday, 9th
09,30-12,30/14,30-17,30 – second  rehearsal of the first 7 compositions, in presence of the tutors
18,00-20,00 – masterclass by Francesco Filidei
Tuesday, 10th
09,00-13,00 –  second  rehearsal, in presence of the tutors: 5 remaining compositions
18,00-20,00 – masterclass by Mauro Lanza
Wednesady, 11th
10,00-13,00/15,00-18,00 – individual lessons with tutors
Thursady, 12th
9,30-12,30/14,30-17,30 – third rehearsal, all compositions
9,30-12,30/14,30-17,30 – individual lessons with the tutors
18,00-21,00 – masterclass by Daniele Ghisi*
Friday, 13th
10,00-13,00/15,00-18,00 – fourth rehearsal, all compositions (6 hours)
10,00-13,00/15,00-18,00 – individual lessons with the tutors
Saturday, 14th
09,00-10,45 – dress-rehearsal, first concert
11.30-13,30 –dress-rehearsal, second concert
21,00 – first concert (six compositions of the students of the workshop)
Sunday, 15th
11,00 – second concert (six compositions of the students of the workshop)

Subject of the masterclass
The reworking of existing music in order to build new one is a quintessential characteristic of the Western musical tradition. I will present my personal approach to the subject: the borrowing of music fragments from large-scale corpora (containing audio samples as well as symbolic scores) in order to build a palette of grains. The approach takes advantage of real-time computer-aided composition tools (namely within the Max and bach environments) in order to filter, order, organize and query data; parameters are handled via digital hybrid scores, therefore equipping corpus-based composition with the control of notational practices.
Some personal techniques are presented, along with the aesthetic choices that motivated them and the musical works to which they relate. Most of these techniques can be subsumed under a larger exploratory attitude towards music: composition is an interactive, intuitive discovery—more than an `invention’.

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