February 2021 – May 2022
Mathieu Corajod, Giulia Lorusso, Giovanni Montiani

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The custom of collective artistic creation, which is common in many expressive forms, is extremely rare in the context of the composition of contemporary art music.

For this reason, Divertimento Ensemble, with the support of the European network Ulysses, is launching an international call aimed at composers and artists who wish to experience this production method, as well as at existing collectives.
The convocation is intended to foster the collective creation of a new musical or multimedia production by a group that is already formed, or which is set up for the occasion.

The Italian collective of composers /nu/thing is participating in the project as a tutor, assisting the artists involved in their work of writing/conception.

The call is open to groups that have already been formed, or which are established for the occasion, consisting of no more than 5 members who may come from different artistic activities (music, video, theatre, etc.). It is also open to individual artists who wish to experience a collective collaboration with other colleagues.
All the participants must have been born on or after 1 January 1986, and they must live in Europe.
The selection will be made by the artistic director of Divertimento Ensemble, Sandro Gorli, and by /nu/thing, who will identify a collective, or a set of individually nominated artists, to be entrusted with the creation of the production.
The results of the selection will be announced by 15 February 2021.

Divertimento Ensemble will make its conductor and up to a maximum of 12 musicians available for the performance, to be chosen freely from among the following instrumentation: flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, bassoon, horn, sax, piano, percussion, guitar, violin, viola, cello, and double bass. It is also possible to create installation projects or projects that do not require performers; or even projects whose performers are members of the collective itself.
The type of production, any applicable instrumentation, any use of electronics or other media, the form that the project takes and the division of the work between the different components of the group willbe proposed by the collective and discussed during the first online encounter with /nu/thing in February 2021.
The collective will meet online on a video communications platform from February 2021 to April 2022, in accordance with a calendar agreed with Divertimento Ensemble and /nu/thing, for a minimum of 8 encounters.
/nu/thing will take part in the first encounters and curate the initial phases of the project, working with the members of the selected collective and conveying its experience as a musical collective. Sandro Gorli, the musicians, and the organizers of Divertimento Ensemble may also participate in some initial encounters.
Also in the period February 2021 – April 2022, the collective will update an Englishlanguage page on a dedicated website; its purpose is to record the ideas, the working methods and the progress of the project. In the same period, the collective will take part in 2 online public encounters in order to share ideas and experiences, describing the steps, the methodology, the trials and errors of the project and their corrections, and its developments.
The detailed calendar of the works is available below.
For the work performed, each member of the collective will receive a commission of €2,000 gross.

The premiere of the collective work will take place in Milan in May 2022, within the context of Rondò, the Milanese season of Divertimento Ensemble, in a venue that will be established on the basis of the type of artistic production to be performed. All the members of the collective will be invited to Milan to attend the performance. Their travel expenses and board and lodgings will be covered by Divertimento Ensemble.

To respond to the call, by 31 January 2021 interested parties should compile the enrolment form available at the following

Application, Merge Up!

The following should be included with the enrolment form.

For enrolments as a collective:
• curriculum of the collective (if it is already active);
• curriculum of all the participants;
• links to scores (where relevant) and/or recordings (where available) of a musical or multimedia opus, in the event that the collective has already made productions of this type;
• a letter of intent, containing the motivation that spurs the collective to come together to work on a project
(optionally, the letter may also contain a description of the project it is intended to carry out);
• links to scores (where relevant) and/or recordings (where available) of a musical or multimedia opus already
produced by each component of the collective.

For enrolments as an individual:
• curriculum;
• links to scores (where relevant) and/or recordings (where available) of a musical or multimedia opus that has already been produced;
• a letter of intent, containing the motivation that spurs the candidate to participate in a collective composition project.
Upon submission of the enrolment form, candidates are asked to proceed with the payment of the application fee of €30, which will be refunded solely in the event that the project does not take place.

31 January 2021 Closing date for the call

15 February 2021 Results of the selection and constitution of the collective, if the collective does not already exist

End February 2021 First online encounter of the collective. During this meeting the rules, phases and calendar of the project will be established and agreed between the selected collective, /nu/thing, and Divertimento Ensemble

From February 2021 to April 2022 Collective work, meetings, updating of the dedicated web page, public encounters

15 April 2022 Consignment of the scores and instrument parts (in the event of collaboration with the musicians of Divertimento Ensemble)

Second half of May 2022 Premiere in Milan

From May 2022 Any reruns in festivals/locations of the partners of Ulysses or in other festivals/locations in Europe

Divertimento Ensemble
Founded in 1977 under the direction and baton of Sandro Gorli, Divertimento Ensemble has rapidly established itself in Italy and abroad, and has performed more than 1000 concerts and produced 20 CDs to date.
More than one hundred composers have dedicated new compositions to the ensemble, contributing towards the creation of a chamber music repertoire that is one of the most representative of new music today.
Present in the most important contemporary music festivals in Europe and around the world, it has performed in La Scala in Milan and has been invited to the Venice Biennale 15 times.
Through its own academy IDEA – International Divertimento Ensemble Academy – it complements its concert activities with notable commitment in the educational field and in the promotion of youth creativity, producing commissions of new pieces, orchestra conducting courses, competitions of national and international compositions, instrument masterclasses, and workshops for composers and for children.
In 2015 it won the 34th Franco Abbiati Music Critics award for “best initiative 2014”.
It is a member of two European networks: DYCE, of which it is creator and leader, and Ulysses, headed by IRCAM in Paris. Both bring together some of the major European institutions devoted to promoting and disseminating contemporary music, stimulating the creativity of young composers and performers and producing Audience Development activities.

/nu/thing is a collective of Italian composers who have been gathering around the blog since 2012. Since 2017, with the piece I Mille Fuochi dell’Universo, the collective has been engaged in collective writing. /nu/thing tries to achieve a creative process that brings out a collective signature through new working methods. This choice entails a series of consequences. First of all, sacrifice: overcoming individual choices to the benefitof a collective choice; secondly, the definition of a shared purpose: individually making a group goal one’s own; and thirdly, the acceptance of exposing one’s own critical issues and weaknesses, of action or of thought. The challenge is to create something that could not be imagined by someone working alone. The /nu/thing collective currently consists of Andrea Agostini (1975), Daniele Ghisi (1984), Eric Maestri (1980), and Andrea Sarto (1979).

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Project curated by Divertimento Ensemble
Artistic Director Sandro Gorli