7th edition
27 August – 4 September 2021

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TUTORS Stefano Gervasoni and Marco Stroppa
ENSEMBLE IN RESIDENCE Divertimento Ensemble
CONDUCTOR Sandro Gorli
PLACE Orsolina28, Moncalvo (AT)
Maximum number of active students: 12, composition for ensemble; 6, composition for solo instrument

WHY WAS IT CHOSEN? Because it is a composition course with concert performances of Its own scores

The composers accepted are invited to write an original piece, on which they will have the opportunity to interact with the musicians of the ensemble, its conductor and the two tutors, until its performance in

Any composers born after 27 August 1986 who are interested in applying must submit the application for admission, available at the following page, by 31 January 2020:

STUDENTS Application, International Workshop for Young Composers 2021

In the application, they should:
• specify if they intend to participate in the Workshop with a score for ensemble or with a score for solo instrument;
• tick both possibilities. In this latter case, preference will be given to participation with a score for ensemble until all the available places have been taken;
• insert an instrumentation score in digital format for between one and 18 players;
• provide a link to a recording of the score submitted (if available);
• attach a copy of their identity document.
Using the admission application form, it is possible to pay the admission fee of €30, which is refundable solely in the event that the Workshop does not take place

By the 15 February 2021, a commission consisting of two tutors, two musicians from Divertimento Ensemble and the conductor Sandro Gorli will select from the admission applications received:
• the 12 composers accepted to participate with scores for ensemble;
• the 6 composers accepted with scores for solo instrument.

It is possible to attend the Workshop as a “present” observer upon payment of the participation fee, indicated below. All the productions of the Workshop can also be attended “remotely” by the observer students on the website on the dedicated page.
To participate as observers, it is possible to compile the application available on this page:

OBSERVER, International Workshop for Young Composers 2021

The Workshop is:

9 days for students accepted with a composition for ensemble
6 days for students accepted with a composition for solo instrument.

The students accepted will take part in:

• individual lessons with two tutors and with the Divertimento Ensemble conductor on the score submitted or on other productions;
Lectio Magistralis held by the two tutors;
• rehearsals of one’s own piece and those of the other composers accepted.
The observer students will attend the activities indicated above.
The detailed calendar of the Workshop is available at this LINK.

All the compositions will be performed in four public concerts:
• the compositions for solo instrument on 3 September 2021 at Orsolina28 in Moncalvo and repeated on 10 September 2021 in the Castle in Casale Monferrato;
• the compositions for ensemble on 4 September 2021 in two concerts at Orsolina28.
A maximum of two compositions for ensemble and two compositions for solo instrument will also be selected by the two tutors and the musicians of Divertimento Ensemble after the performances and will be included in the Rondò 2022 programme, the Milan concert season of Divertimento Ensemble.

The accepted composers and the spectators must complete their applications by paying the balance of their participation fees.
Active student, Workshop for ensemble € 1.500 to be paid in two instalments: € 750 by 15/03/2021; € 750 by 30/04/2021
Active student, Workshop for solo instrument € 1.000 to be paid in two instalments: € 500 by 15/03/2021; € 500 by 30/04/2021
“Present” spectators for the entire duration of the Workshop (9 days) € 900 to be paid in two instalments: € 450 by 15/03/2021; € 450 by 30/04/2021
“Remote” spectators € 150 to be paid within 7 days of the start of the Workshop

The fee includes board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and lodgings at Orsolina28 (see paragraph dedicated to the Residence):
for 9 days (arrival 27 August, departure 5 September) for students accepted with compositions for ensemble and for the present observers;
for 6 days (arrival 29 August, departure 4 September) for students accepted with compositions for solo instrument.

The composers accepted with scores for ensemble:
• are invited to write a composition for ensemble whose overall instrumentation, with no less than 5 performers, will be comprised among the following instruments: flute (also piccolo, flute in G and bass flute), oboe (also English horn), clarinet in B flat (clarinet in E flat and bass clarinet), horn, two violins, viola, cello, piano, percussion (vibraphone, glockenspiel, crotal bells, 3 suspended cymbals, tomtoms, 3 toms, bass drum, 3 wood blocks, small percussion instruments tobe agreed);
• or they may present a composition already written for the same instrumentation, including the one submitted for acceptance.
In either case, they should submit the complete score and the parts for performance by 15 June 2021.

The composers accepted with scores for solo instrument:
• are invited to write a composition for solo instrument, chosen from among the 3 identified by Divertimento Ensemble for each composer, within the overall instrumentation of 10 instruments indicated for the composition of the ensemble piece;
• or they may present a pre-existing composition, including the one submitted for acceptance, provided it is written for one of the instruments indicated by Divertimento Ensemble.
In either case, they should submit their composition by 15 June 2021.
In the event they elect to write an original piece, during the work of its actual composition until the beginning of the Workshop, they may have personal contact with the individual performers.

The compositions should last no longer than 7 minutes.

IDEA activities will take place in compliance with current regulations in Italy to combat and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

0039 392 2880857
Project curated by Divertimento Ensemble
Artistic Director Sandro Gorli



The International Workshop for Young Composers 2021, organized by Divertimento Ensemble within the sphere of the educational activites of IDEA, the International Divertimento Ensemble Academy, takes place in residence at Orsolina28, an enchanting space dedicated to education and creation, in the heart of Monferrato, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Divertimento Ensemble, its conductor, the two tutors and the selected students will share every moment of the residence: the rehearsals and the lessons in the performing halls, where some concerts of the Workshop are held as part of the Rondò in Monferrato programme, the convivial meal times, from breakfast to dinner, with farm-to-table products served in the Orsolina28 restaurant; the leisure time in the open space areas, the greenhouse, the vegetable garden, the pool; the rest time in the Orsolina28 Glamping, a campsite with permanent geodetic dome tents*, or in Residence le Magnolie located in Penango, a little village 2 km from Orsolina28. For transfers, bicycles and a shuttle service at the end of the day are available to the guests.
* equipped with electricity, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and heating systems, and private toilets for each tent.