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For many years, Divertimento Ensemble has followed two guidelines that direct the most of its choices and activities: attention to youth and education. The tools used to follow these guidelines are competitions, workshops, masterclasses and courses for young composers, performers and orchestral conductors that are organized annually. The inclusion of the best young people in the Rondò’s programming, the Milanese season of the Divertimento Ensemble, makes it possible to achieve an important goal that is closely linked to these choices: support for young musicians in the delicate passage from training to professional employment.

All of these activities, for Divertimento Ensemble, have long been performative additions. In order to better coordinate them, to facilitate their management, to support new ones, and to allow dialogue with European institutions pursuing similar goals, the IDEA – International Divertimento Ensemble Academy was born. Specifically, IDEA groups and coordinates training activities already in place into two distinguished, clear branches that are complementary to each other. On one hand, there are courses – Corso di direzione d’orchestra, Call for Young Performers, International Workshop for Young Composers – intended for directors and instrumentalists interested in deepening contemporary language, as well as for young composers; on the other there are competitions– Incontri Internazionali per giovani compositori “Franco Donatoni”, Concorso di composizione AFAM, Sul palco! – designed to bring young composers to the light, but also foster original and innovative performative projects.
And then, there is a special project, the Composer in Residence, that every year offers a young composer – whose music is already known and partly performed by the Ensemble, or who has not yet come into contact with the Ensemble, but whose interest has been sparked by it – he opportunity for a recurring presence of the Rondò’s program and the recording of a CD.

In addition to this, IDEA will program new activities, starting with the masterclasses, that are still aimed at young people who will see Rondo’s guest composers as teachers.

Download the brochure: IdeaBrochure_Web